Young people creating change in themselves and their communities though craft

What is Making for Change?

Making for Change is Craftpace’s project for young people that investigates positive social change through combining craft with activism (craftivism).

What Happens?

Young people come together to learn, explore, discuss and make; creating campaigns around issues that are important to them in order to generate a change in themselves and their community.  Sometimes they complete an arts award and we aim to signpost them on to other local opportunities.  Participants have also become involved in other Craftspace projects including paid opportunities.

What is the Impact?


  • have increased skills and confidence
  • Are able to have their say on matters that affect them
  • develop making skills and explore how to use them within social action
  • start on their journey of change-making

Why do we do it?

We believe that making with your hands is powerful.  Making for Change creates safe spaces where you can come together, learn new things and develop ideas. Through the process of making those ideas become a reality.

Making for Change is a long-term project for Craftspace.  Since 2014 we have worked with 26 young people as core participants, engaged with hundreds of others as audience members and experimented with a variety of models.  We plan to keep working with young people from across Birmingham.

Funders and Partners

We are very grateful to all of the funders and partners over the last 6 years who have enabled Making for Change to happen.  These have included;

Funders: Arts Connect West Midlands, WA Cadbury, Unity Trust Bank, Awards for All. Birmingham City Council, Roger and Douglas Charitable trust, Youth Social Action Fund, Saintbury and Grimmett Trust

Partners: MAC (Midlands Art Centre) Podnosh, Grosvenor Road Studios, The Gap Arts Project and Aspire4U.