Making for Change: Aston Newtown – Day 2

The group started off the morning with a technical crafting session led by Dauvit Alexander. Lecturer at the Birmingham School of Jewellery and an exhibited jeweller,  Dauvit kicked off our second day with a workshop about etching.

While many of the group found this workshop challenging, everyone stuck at it and created beautiful pieces of work.

In the afternoon, the group were given a change of scene as we spent the remainder of the day with data activists Alexandra and Cliff at The Lighthouse Youth Centre. The session began with the duo showing the group creative examples of collecting and displaying data that they had produced.

They went on to deliver a simple ice breaker with the group which got them thinking about questions such as, ‘ does Facebook track you?’ ‘ Does loyalty cards save you money?’ and ‘ Is there anything about you that the internet doesn’t know’ .

Towards the end of the session the group were taught different ways to source data. This proved to be very useful when they began  to start researching facts, and stats  for their final campaigns.

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