Making for Change Pilot – Showcase

So the big day is finally here.  Friday’s focus was on getting the campaigns ready for the showcase event at Impact Hub.  Mel, Ben, Phil and Gemma were on hand to guide young people through the final stages of making; folding origami balloons, making LED throwies and collating kits for tea bag and bee making.

Impact Hub was where we started our work on Making  for Change in July last year with an Inspiration Day so it felt right to return there for our final event.  Tables were set out for each young person to  display their campaigns and they used their making activities to engage people in activity.

The evening was a great success.  Each young person involved spoke passionately about their campaign and the issue it explored.  They demonstrated great making skills and true professionalism in getting everything ready in time. Everyone who came spoke of the integrity  and commitment of the group and got really drawn in to the campaigns. One person attending said ” I was only coming for half an hour but ended up staying for two! ‘

Thanks to all the makers, support workers and volunteers who made Making for Change possible and to Sarah Lopez our creative apprentice who did a fantastic job.

So now it is all over, what next?

Check out each of the campaigns on the blog.  They might inspire you to start your own campaign.

Come  along to The  Social Exchange at mac Birmingham on Saturday from 3pm to 6pm where we will be making an appearance.

Watch out for the Making for Change film that will be coming to the blog soon.

Finally keep following us to find out about the next Making for Change project which we hope to develop next year.


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