Making for Change in the community

Making for Change in the community to combat isolation and start conversations.

“Let’s bridge the gaps between different communities in Birmingham”

Mahnaz Begum

Mahnaz wants migrants and 1st generation British citizens to relate to one another through the British activity of drinking tea, which is also recognised as a ritual worldwide.

She will create tea bags that people can give to others in their community that they haven’t spoken to before – those that are outside of their current culture – in order to start conversations and learn more about each other.

“People feel isolated when they’re different”

Jaswant Birdi

Jerry wants people to talk about what makes them happy as a way of connecting with others and making friends so they feel less lonely.

He wants to get people to think about what makes them happy, draw a symbol of the object into metal and place it onto a structure that he has created. They will then put a light on a map of Birmingham to show where they come from, highlighting that they are not as alone as they think.

Why not get creative and draw, paint or cut out an image of what makes you happy, then swap your pictures with someone you know?

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