Maker Mentor: Update

The mentoring element of Making for Change is now complete.

Five young people aged 16- 19 from Aston and Newtown worked with artists Keith Bloomfield (Reel Access), Deborette Clark (B18) and Danielle Laurent over 8-10 sessions to explore techniques and process they were interested in and issues that they cared about. The sessions took place in a combination of artist studios, Craftspace offices, Shelanu Jewellery studio, MAC art studios Birmingham Museum and Art gallery and the Library of Birmingham. Themes explored included – making choices, plastic pollution, female power and LGBT awareness and acceptance.

They presented their work at both Simmerdown and Flyover festivals in Aston and Newtown.

Both makers and young people really enjoyed the opportunity. Young people felt it really allowed them to develop their interests and grew their confidence.

One young person said

“I didn’t want to do the Craftspace thing at first but Kit said give it ago. I had an idea and I went with it. It was good.”

Another said;

“It helped you develop your idea. You could say I would like to do anything and they would go along with it’

One of the artists said;

“It was a good experience it felt quite equal. It didn’t feel like you were above.”

Another said;

“I liked that it allowed them to lead. You could say; What do you want to learn?”

Look out for more blog posts coming soon about each project…

a young woman works at a table with an artist making a silver chain.
a girls wears jewellery which contains a spider plant.
a display of zines titled where have all the animals gone.
Lisa Falaschi
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