Making for Change: Aston Newtown – Day 1

While the 10am start was hard for every one – participants and staff alike,  by the end of the day the group  were alert and awake  thanks to all our fun packed sessions!

After a quick rundown of the week, the group joined in a circle to start the first workshop of the week. An alumni of Campaign Bootcamp – workshop facilitator Sheri taught the group the most effective ways to campaign for social justice.

The two hour session contained lots of useful tips such as  how to identify helpful  influences, choosing  an audience and mapping out the aims of a campaign. The group also explored different formats that campaigns can take such as petitions, lobbying MPs and education the opposing party. By the end of the session the group had a better understanding of social justice and  how they can make their final craftivism campaign effective.

But there’s no craftivism without Craft, so after a quick lunch the group were back in the space with our resident makers. Spilt into three groups this year’s cohort had 50 minutes with each maker to learn the basics of their craft and talk over how it would be useful in their final campaign.

The group explored creative pamphlet making with Danielle Laurent, designed and printed 3D objects with Juneau Projects and metal marking with Melanie Tomlinson.

We’re super excited to see how these new skills will be developed throughout the week and presented at the final showcase!

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