The run up to Tea4Change: Mahnaz’s perspective

After 4 days of different activities and making as part of the Making for Change pilot I showcased my work at Impact Hub in late April.  I wanted to continue with my campaign to help encourage conversations between communities particularly migrant and born and bred Brits.

Craftspace offered to support me to continue further, developing the idea of tea drinking and the activity of people making their own handmade teabag.

It is almost a week away until the event.  It is an exciting time now it is all coming together.  Having had experience prior to this helping at large scale events, this campaign has given me the opportunity to direct and co-ordinate something really important to me, being a first generation Pakistani living in this country and having friends who have migrated to Birmingham.

The best thing about the whole experience of planning and organising this tea party has been the potential so many people including the Craftspace team, Melanie Tomlinson, Jane Thakordin and Sarah Corbett have seen for this campaign to grow further.

For approximately 3 months with the help of the Craftspace team, Melanie Tomlinson, Eleanor Price, Sarah Holden and Jane Thakordin I worked on developing the idea of handmade teabags, a teapot and tea cups.

the name Tea4Change was inspired by the Making for Change pilot project and I had the help of a fellow participant Sarah Holden who designed me a logo.

Having spoken to Jane Thakordin from Birmingham Craftivists and hearing about other craftivist events I have decided to make the event a little more theatrical with menus of the day and waiters (volunteers) that will be there on the day.

The stitched teabag was an idea that student and Craftspace volunteer Eleanor Price helped bring forward.

I have also gained skills that will be useful in my future endeavours relating to career and work. The support from Craftspace has made me strongly believe that Birmingham has a lot to offer and I am proud to be part of this city.

I remember before the making for Change showcase speaking to friends, family and other participants on the project about a tea party. “Wouldn’t it be great to have a tea party, have tea, cake and an opportunity for people to make teabags like these just a little bigger”. this is that Tea Party – hoping to make a change, bring people together, encourage conversations and bridge a link between different communities.


Invitation to tea, cake, making and conversation

Friday 9th September, 1-3pm and 4-5pm

Birmingham Cathedral Square, Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2QB


[email protected]