Making for Change to protect wildlife

Making for Change to protect wildlife, encouraging people to #BeeFriendly and re-use litter for nature’s benefit.

“I want to engage kids to help save the bees”

Sarah Holden

Sarah’s campaign #BeeFriendly is designed to inspire children under nine and their parents to save the bees and help them discover how they can do so.

Her campaign takes the form of activity packs that allow the target froup to create beautiful 2-dimensional models of bees using metla, as well as encouraging the planting of purple flowers that will attract more bees to their garden.

“Imagine re-using litter to help the environment rather than harm it…”

Siandana Maryam

Siandana wants to make people aware of how their litter can kill wildlife and to imagine ways they can use it to help sustain them instead.

Support her campaign and create your own bird feeder using a plastic bottle.

  1. Cut a hole in the side large enough to allow a free flow of seeds.
  2. Make a few small holes in the bottom of your feeder to allow any rainwater to drain away.
  3. Hang it with wire, or even strong string from a tree or your washing line.
  4. Keep your feeder stocked with seeds.
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