Making for Change Pilot – Day 2

Day 2 of Making for Change kicked off with a presentation by Nick Booth, founder of Podnosh,  a company that uses social media for social good.   He showed the group different types of data and how data is collected and presented online. These statistics could relate directly to the issues that people cared about such as the numbers of people experiencing stop and search in the Handsworth area or the decline in bee population. The group had the morning to explore possibilities and see how they could strengthen their campaign using stats.   Nick also got them to start thinking about how their campaigns could be placed on social media to widen their impact. The group then spilt into sub teams for an interactive look at some of the most effective social media tools and to identify which tool was best suited to their own campaign.

After lunch everyone explored in more depth some of the craft processes that they might use in their campaign. Juneau Projects set up a 3D printing studio and young people designed and printed objects related to their campaign. Melanie introduced different ways of marking on to metal including words and Gemma used magnets and a range of different nets to help people explore the idea of creating components that contribute to a bigger piece.

This session allowed makers to show participants more involved techniques and processes and to help them to think about how they could develop an activity that could be shared with other people at the showcase.

Today’s sessions allowed young people to experiment with their ideas. They acquired new skills and techniques helping towards their craftivist campaigns whilst gaining confidence in their abilities.

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